Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Austin's Bday/Diego Timeline

Last Saturday we threw a birthday party for Austin's 26th.

It was a grand old time and we had a good turnout considering how late I sent out invites. Thanks everyone who came out and made it wild time. Most of the first half of the night for me was spent running around like a crazy getting things together. By the time I had finally finished all the stuff I needed to get done, most of the people had left. I was just getting into the (sober) party mode and started to enjoy the company of my remaining friends.

One of our friends in particular on this night, reminded us how to party and have a blast. After witnessing his drinking, leaving, coming back, drinking, arguing, screaming, wrestling, air guitaring, puking, drinking more, dancing, rapping, and passing out at 6 am, I have a new found fondness and admiration for Diego.

Here are a few game highlights in no discernible order of our team's MVP...

Sorry Nick....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Metropolis: I CAN HAS NOW

The call came this morning, Aus and I were approved on our applications and will be moving into Metropolis on Nov 15th. I am quite excited. Finally I can get the gears turning on setting up the new place, buying some new flaming worldy possessions and hiding out for the winter.

I am on the 12thmost and topmost floor of the building, which is exciting but also puts me at higher risk for terrorist attack. Perhaps I should look into a life insurance policy next since I have personally killed thousands of virtual Middle Eastern folks playing Call of Duty.

Late to the Game With Insults

I know its months too late to be submitting my review of the new Indian Jones movie but I finally got around to seeing it the other night and I feel as though it requires some type of comment.

First of all I have to say that for some reason when it comes to movies, I defend and fight for movies that are mediocre quite often. On occasion I will have friends sitting around bashing a movie to pieces and I try to jump in and defend it a bit. This happens even if I myself was not too fond of the film. I guess I just think that most movies have a target audience in mind and I didn't fit it. This doens't make the film a disaster, just that it wasn't for me. I'm used to not loving movies but its very rare that I hate them.

This new iteration of Indiana Jones was not meant for anyone. It will go down in history as one of the worst movies I have even seen. After long discussions with my friends, I came to the decision that I hate the movie because I hate George Lucas. When Steven Spielberg makes movies they are typically great. Wonderful, believable characters, engaging plot and satisfying resolution.

I have never been a Star Wars fan but I do appreciate what it has done for blockbuster movies. I must hate them because I hate Lucas. The things that made Star Wars legendary and memorable I think should be credited to special effects geniuses etc. The heroes journey existed before Star Wars and Lucas didn't bring anything new to the table there. Its strength lies in it's execution which again I feel had little to do with Lucas himself.

Anyway suffice to say Kingdom of the Crystal Skull put an undeserved tarnish on Spielberg's largely amazing catalog of movies, and the final nail in the mental coffin I have created for George Lucas. He is now dead to me which means that adorable cameos from CG animals, poor storytelling, and poorly crafted genre overlapping will hopefully be a little easier for me to dodge in the future.

Rant over.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Metropolis: DO WANT

After searching far and wide Austin and I found places we would like to move into. We've been patiently waiting and carefully monitoring the vacancy situation at Boutique's Metropolis to ensure there would be a place for us when our lease was up. A call today to the apartment office saying there were only 2 vacancies in the building rushed us to Colorado Blvd. to lock down places of our own. Now I am waiting impatiently for the call to say that I do indeed have a spectacular new place to look forward to.


Of course even if it does work out, then I gotta think about moving all my garbage over there and how fun that always is...