Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well my big break has finally come, I had a modeling shoot a couple weeks ago and the reviews are in:

"Alex Hicks is a breath of fresh air in the stale world of male modeling." -Anonymous

"Get ready to be wowed, Alex Hicks is the best male model in human history!" -Anonymous

Here are a couple of choice shots. To see a bunch more and some other people as well go here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Preparedness is Key

I've been a gun enthusiast for a long while now. Growing up around guns, hunting and spending my summers on my grandparents ranch brought out the excitement of shooting a gun and enough practice to have the marksmanship and respect for firearms to actually do so properly. Recently my big brother and my dad have been doing more gun collecting and shooting and I've watched from the sidelines and seen all the cool weapons they've gotten.

I've wanted a gun of my own for some time but there have been some issues stopping me from doing it. First is money of course. Second is that most gun types around are already possessed by my family and I can go shoot them pretty much whenever I want. Third is that as a lefty, every time I shoot I catch the shells ejecting right in my face, not to mention most guns have the safety, action, clip releases, etc etc on the right side. Lefty guns and harder to come by and the more affordable ones are more traditional rifles that are less interesting and take a lot of space which is precious in my little apartment.

After considering all these factors, I found the most Alex-y gun around.

The FN P90. Its a Belgian sub machine gun used for close quarter military and law enforcement purposes. The civilian version (the PS90) is classified as a rifle and has to meet a few legal requirements that make it slightly less cool than the P90. Fortunately most of them can be worked around if you have the cash, the right paperwork and the willpower to cut through the red tape.

Its an expensive gun but its fully ambidextrous, compact and isn't like any of the guns I currently have access to. Its several months away at very least to get the money together for it but I am already so excited.

I've already heard a few negative comments such as "What do you need a gun for?" and "Isn't there a better way to spend your money?" so I submit a few scenarios I can see myself in that having the P90 will be beneficial...

Defending the Innocent:
"Help! That man just stole my hamburger!!"
ME: "Don't worry ma'am, I'll set the brute straight!"

Upholding the Law:
"The 16th street mall sure is a good place to beat the hell out of them derned skatin' teenagers!"

And of course the most important,

Reclaiming the World From Decrepit Soulless Ghouls Who Hunger for the Flesh of the Living:

ME: "Confounded decaying unholyness! With my blessed 5.7x20mm ammunition, I cast thee back to Hell from whence you came!!"

So, who wants to nestle in at my place for a while when the zombie uprising happens? That's what I thought.... you do.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Metropolis: 80% Complete

Ok, here's the apartment update.

In my first post I created an artist's rendering of how I anticipated the move-in going.

Here is the actual shot of all of my garbage loaded up in the place.

I think I hit the nail on the head. I have way too much crap and it started to really show when the whole floor was covered in boxes and I looked at how tiny my 2 closets were.

After much moving and arranging and arranging and moving I have finally got the place into its general shape. This shape of course excludes 2 very important items, couch and Tetris shelves. with those additions I should be finished with my lovely little sanctuary from the outside world.

Have a look see...

Ze view from ze 12th floor stairwell.

TV area with empty wall that Tetris shelves will call home.

Nick's rescued chair and fishtank area.

Compooter place and huge empty wall.

Spiffy new coffee table and rug.

BEDroom. Not much room for anything else. Lookin' a bit boring in there at present.

Bathroom/killing instruments.

Neato kitchen and it's even clean!

So yeah, that's that. Really loving this new place and would like to have you over assuming you don't mind sitting on the floor.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

FAME!!! (no fortune)

I always knew my day would come. Where someone would recognize my talents and launch my career into super stardom. Who figured it would be via the wireless industry though?

Me and Austin are the new edgy look of the CTIA wireless trade show it would seem. now just gotta wait for that royalty check to come in.... any day now....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Great Beard Off of '08

We're a bunch of fun lovin' folks here at Giant Interactive. We're also all guys. And what do a bunch of fun lovin' guys do for a good time when at work? We grow beards.

Starting today, the 5 of us in the office are on a strict no-shave policy until December the 19th. That's a good solid month of beard growing in anticipation for our Giant Holiday Card we are going to put together.

Here is where I stand currently...

And here is where I anticipate being...

Let the contest begin!

Friday, November 7, 2008

On the Road Again?

Its been a long while since I owned a car. For the most part I have enjoyed that fact. I have a couple of friends who have been willing to chauffeur me around on the rare occasion that I need something but after 2-3 years it gets a bit tiring for everyone involved. Its time to start driving again.

Ever since Austin got his bug we have been talking about forming our own miniature Bug Club and the other day, the opportunity for just such a club arose.

My friend at work Kevin tipped me off to a 1971 bug that his friend owns and is trying to get rid of quick. The price is right for the condition but swinging this purchase right in the middle of paying double rent for the move is going to be a very difficult maneuver.

I certainly do want to make this happen by pretty much any means. I've had a case of cabin fever for the last 4 months or so and I expect that may get worse for the first few month of living alone. I need wheels... I gots to be free.... Time to hit the open road... etc etc etc.. So if there is anyone who is willing to donate to the "Finally! I Don't Have to Give Alex Rides Anymore Fund" please call me asap.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Reflection

I think I have had about all I can handle as far as politics go right now. Traditionally I try to stay out of conversations regarding them because I know it'll just get heated and turn into a debate where no one is changing anyone's mind or just be a confirmation between two people that things suck and we both already agree.

Neither of these options have a grand solution, they just shorten your life and make you stressed worrying about all the bad things that could happen if (blank) get elected or the pass the new (blank) bill, so I stay out of it.

Of course its been pretty impossible to stay out of things this go round because its in everyone's faces in this ever so popular and easy "fuck bush" period. I do care about the issues and it is important to me to cast your vote and make a difference and all that crap but I swear I am about to burst at the seams after being force fed so much political jargon.

So I registered and voted for Obama (could be better, could be a lot worse) and every single day since I registered I have received 2 phone calls and 3-5 emails reminding me to vote, telling me how I can help Obama, asking if I want to volunteer and on and on and on to the point where I honestly wish I could retract my fucking vote.

Commercials, emails, TV shows, buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, billboards, phone calls, junk mail, pop-up ads etc etc etc.... Being in Denver of course only made things because of the DNC being here.

This ws my first time voting and I kinda wish I hadn't just to stick it to the candidates and say "If only you would have tried a little less hard, you might have had my vote."

I guess the next best thing I can do is to say this:

Obama, I don't like you as a person, you lack the experience to be at the helm, your policies are wrought with problems and incosistancies, and I only gave you a sympathy vote because you're black.

Eat that.

Tetris Bookcase: DO WANT Pt. Deux

Last night after work and before the crushing loss inflicted by my failed xbox, Austin, Nick and I went down to the shop and made a lot of progress on the Tetris shelves.

Fancy edge treatment for super sci-fi 3d appearance.

Corner cuts for fancy assembly.

Perfectly cut lovelyness.

Testing angle compatibility is FUN!Biscuit cutting test.
Biscuit cutting speed run world record holders: The Tetris Pit Crew.

Dry assembly tests... Starting to look a lot like TETRIS! FTW!

Hard Times

There is a constant battle going on for me, all day every day. It would seem that the heavens do not wish that I should be joyous and happy. Despite all their efforts I think I do a good job of keeping my head up. I take solace in the comforts of friends, music, art and video games...

That is until my xbox gives me the red ring of death as I try to sit down to enjoy some Six Feet Under. Just in time for Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Dead Space, Call of Duty 5 and the new Xbox Experience I might add.

Oh cruel fate, how you mock me.

Thanks a million Microsoft. I go out on a limb and step away from my Nintendo roots for you and this is how you repay me....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tetris Bookcase: DO WANT

The new apartment is going to be very cozy. Over the last 4 months I have been trying to downsize the amount of miscellaneous shit I have lying around which is particularly difficult for me being the past dwelling, sentimental slob that I am. In preparation and in my attempts to forge a new path for myself I have successfully sold, thrown away or otherwise downsized about 50% of the stuff that I own.

This bodes well for the move into an apartment 1/4 the size of my current one but still, with limited closet space i am going to have personal debris spewing out of every nook and cranny. As I go through piles of stuff I own I find plenty of stuff that I refuse to throw away like comic books, art supplies, reference books, old video games and the like. I never use this stuff but I can't seem to be rid of it so I have decided to put it all on display that it might get a second wind and see some use again.

When I started looking around for furniture I got it into my head that a Tetris bookcase would be awesome and fitting to house all of my dorky collectibles. I was quickly discouraged finding cheap plastic versions, Tetris-like but non Tetris specific versions, and kiddie playroom crap. Finally I found exactly what I wanted.

Well made, adult style Tetris shelves with individual pieces for custom stacking! Sadly I was again discouraged to find that this place had the nerve to charge 600 bucks apiece for these things. that means the set would be 6000 grand. What nerdy Tetris fan has 6000 bucks to drop on shelving? Absolutely absurd.

I of course decided this place was not deserving of my money and because of their insulting price tag that I would make direct rip offs of the shelves myself and this is where the quest really began. For 500 bucks or so I am making a full set of these myself.

Here is the first update on progress...

I drew up a few chicken scratch plans that I had Nick interpret and we begin figuring out plans for wood types, proper measurements etc. Baltic Birch was our wood of choice and over a couple of weekends we got the amounts we needed to make 2 of every Tetris piece.

On Sunday we headed down to the shop and started getting our preliminary cutting done. By we of course I mean Nick. He is the only one allowed to use the saw, in fact I don't think I am allowed to even be on the premises. (Not that I would use the saw even if I could. Destructive power tools like this are horrifying to me.)

This picture of Nick smiling was added to keep up the illusion that Nick enjoys spending his Sundays at school working on unpaid projects for me.

After a couple hours of carefully double and triple checking to make sure we didn't screw up, we ended up with this nice beautiful stack of perfectly cut wood. This is as far as we have gotten so far but I am already excited that they are beginning to take shape. More updates to come...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Austin's Bday/Diego Timeline

Last Saturday we threw a birthday party for Austin's 26th.

It was a grand old time and we had a good turnout considering how late I sent out invites. Thanks everyone who came out and made it wild time. Most of the first half of the night for me was spent running around like a crazy getting things together. By the time I had finally finished all the stuff I needed to get done, most of the people had left. I was just getting into the (sober) party mode and started to enjoy the company of my remaining friends.

One of our friends in particular on this night, reminded us how to party and have a blast. After witnessing his drinking, leaving, coming back, drinking, arguing, screaming, wrestling, air guitaring, puking, drinking more, dancing, rapping, and passing out at 6 am, I have a new found fondness and admiration for Diego.

Here are a few game highlights in no discernible order of our team's MVP...

Sorry Nick....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Metropolis: I CAN HAS NOW

The call came this morning, Aus and I were approved on our applications and will be moving into Metropolis on Nov 15th. I am quite excited. Finally I can get the gears turning on setting up the new place, buying some new flaming worldy possessions and hiding out for the winter.

I am on the 12thmost and topmost floor of the building, which is exciting but also puts me at higher risk for terrorist attack. Perhaps I should look into a life insurance policy next since I have personally killed thousands of virtual Middle Eastern folks playing Call of Duty.

Late to the Game With Insults

I know its months too late to be submitting my review of the new Indian Jones movie but I finally got around to seeing it the other night and I feel as though it requires some type of comment.

First of all I have to say that for some reason when it comes to movies, I defend and fight for movies that are mediocre quite often. On occasion I will have friends sitting around bashing a movie to pieces and I try to jump in and defend it a bit. This happens even if I myself was not too fond of the film. I guess I just think that most movies have a target audience in mind and I didn't fit it. This doens't make the film a disaster, just that it wasn't for me. I'm used to not loving movies but its very rare that I hate them.

This new iteration of Indiana Jones was not meant for anyone. It will go down in history as one of the worst movies I have even seen. After long discussions with my friends, I came to the decision that I hate the movie because I hate George Lucas. When Steven Spielberg makes movies they are typically great. Wonderful, believable characters, engaging plot and satisfying resolution.

I have never been a Star Wars fan but I do appreciate what it has done for blockbuster movies. I must hate them because I hate Lucas. The things that made Star Wars legendary and memorable I think should be credited to special effects geniuses etc. The heroes journey existed before Star Wars and Lucas didn't bring anything new to the table there. Its strength lies in it's execution which again I feel had little to do with Lucas himself.

Anyway suffice to say Kingdom of the Crystal Skull put an undeserved tarnish on Spielberg's largely amazing catalog of movies, and the final nail in the mental coffin I have created for George Lucas. He is now dead to me which means that adorable cameos from CG animals, poor storytelling, and poorly crafted genre overlapping will hopefully be a little easier for me to dodge in the future.

Rant over.