Monday, December 1, 2008

Preparedness is Key

I've been a gun enthusiast for a long while now. Growing up around guns, hunting and spending my summers on my grandparents ranch brought out the excitement of shooting a gun and enough practice to have the marksmanship and respect for firearms to actually do so properly. Recently my big brother and my dad have been doing more gun collecting and shooting and I've watched from the sidelines and seen all the cool weapons they've gotten.

I've wanted a gun of my own for some time but there have been some issues stopping me from doing it. First is money of course. Second is that most gun types around are already possessed by my family and I can go shoot them pretty much whenever I want. Third is that as a lefty, every time I shoot I catch the shells ejecting right in my face, not to mention most guns have the safety, action, clip releases, etc etc on the right side. Lefty guns and harder to come by and the more affordable ones are more traditional rifles that are less interesting and take a lot of space which is precious in my little apartment.

After considering all these factors, I found the most Alex-y gun around.

The FN P90. Its a Belgian sub machine gun used for close quarter military and law enforcement purposes. The civilian version (the PS90) is classified as a rifle and has to meet a few legal requirements that make it slightly less cool than the P90. Fortunately most of them can be worked around if you have the cash, the right paperwork and the willpower to cut through the red tape.

Its an expensive gun but its fully ambidextrous, compact and isn't like any of the guns I currently have access to. Its several months away at very least to get the money together for it but I am already so excited.

I've already heard a few negative comments such as "What do you need a gun for?" and "Isn't there a better way to spend your money?" so I submit a few scenarios I can see myself in that having the P90 will be beneficial...

Defending the Innocent:
"Help! That man just stole my hamburger!!"
ME: "Don't worry ma'am, I'll set the brute straight!"

Upholding the Law:
"The 16th street mall sure is a good place to beat the hell out of them derned skatin' teenagers!"

And of course the most important,

Reclaiming the World From Decrepit Soulless Ghouls Who Hunger for the Flesh of the Living:

ME: "Confounded decaying unholyness! With my blessed 5.7x20mm ammunition, I cast thee back to Hell from whence you came!!"

So, who wants to nestle in at my place for a while when the zombie uprising happens? That's what I thought.... you do.

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Lauren said...

you obviously need it for action movies. I see it as a necessary investment.