Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Metropolis: 80% Complete

Ok, here's the apartment update.

In my first post I created an artist's rendering of how I anticipated the move-in going.

Here is the actual shot of all of my garbage loaded up in the place.

I think I hit the nail on the head. I have way too much crap and it started to really show when the whole floor was covered in boxes and I looked at how tiny my 2 closets were.

After much moving and arranging and arranging and moving I have finally got the place into its general shape. This shape of course excludes 2 very important items, couch and Tetris shelves. with those additions I should be finished with my lovely little sanctuary from the outside world.

Have a look see...

Ze view from ze 12th floor stairwell.

TV area with empty wall that Tetris shelves will call home.

Nick's rescued chair and fishtank area.

Compooter place and huge empty wall.

Spiffy new coffee table and rug.

BEDroom. Not much room for anything else. Lookin' a bit boring in there at present.

Bathroom/killing instruments.

Neato kitchen and it's even clean!

So yeah, that's that. Really loving this new place and would like to have you over assuming you don't mind sitting on the floor.


Janelle Vigil said...

very nice! your place looks great.

Lauren said...

Looks awesome. I wanna visit! This "seeing you barely twice a year" thing is not working for me.

Evan said...

the razor sharpening bit looks something like a leather sword.

Are you also a sword enthusiast? Or are nick and garo the only sword guys around?

I myself prefer club and found objects.